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The Mobile Market is Huge!


The mobile market is growing rapidly year on year and this trend is only going to continue. With billions of mobile users now browsing the web it is ESSENTIAL to market effectively for smartphones and other mobile devices.  We’ll keep you at the cutting edge.

If your site is not displaying properly on mobiles, we can either update the whole site or produce a special optimized section that displays your content in a more user-friendly format.  Your existing website would be unaffected. Your new, optimized site would only display for smartphones and other mobile devices, not PC web browsers!

Take A Look At Some Examples…

You can see below how some of the sites we’ve created would look on a mobile device. (Remember, our optimized sites only fully display for such devices, not PC web browsers.)

So How Much Does It Cost?


Nothing up front with our Try Before You Buy service!

Once you’re satisfied we charge just £299 for up to 4 pages and £399 for 5-9 pages. (Other sized sites are negotiable.)

The “Tap to Call” function doesn’t count as a page. You get this for free.

If you have a gallery of images you’d like to display, we’ll include 15 of them in a single lightbox slideshow.

We’ll endeavour to optimize your mobile website design into the minimum number of pages, e.g. if you’re a gardener who has separate page links for grass-cutting, tree-felling and landscaping, we’d put all these under one button called Services. You can make any suggestions of your own on the form for your company or call us on the freephone number below to discuss.

Our mobile website design service comes with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

We can host your new mobilized site for you for a flat rate of £5.99 per month, first month FREE. In addition, we can also host your entire existing website at no additional cost. However, this is entirely optional. If you want to host the mobilized site with your present web-host we’ll send you all the necessary files and full, simple instructions at the end of the 30-day guarantee period.

Do I Need To Do Anything “Techie”?


No, we’ll set everything up for you. However, you will need to provide us with your FTP server details. Don’t worry – your web-hosting company can give you this information easily enough. This is essential as a small line of code needs to be added to your desktop site to re-route any traffic from mobile devices. There’ll be NO impact on the functionality of your existing site.

So does your company website resemble this:

If it does then you really need to contact us – TODAY!

Get Web-Mobilized – All Your Competitors Are!


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