Stand Out From The Crowd


Right now your website is vying for attention with all your competitors, so getting prospects to it can sometimes feel like a game of chance.

And when you do get them you’ve then got what can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle to try and keep their interest.

Fortunately, with our state-of-the-art promotional tools you’ll soon discover that getting new customers doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming, and that it can actually be fun




ScratchKing is an online scratch-off.  While the scratch-off concept may be simple, it’s also engaging and HIGHLY addictive.  Why do you think every mini-mart and newsagent stacks them right at the point of sale?  It’s because they WORK!

Our software takes things to another level, allowing marketers and businesses to promote their products and services in a new, exciting and innovative way.  It also has some special additional features that move it a quantum leap beyond a paper and ink scratch card…



We all know that video is an essential part of any marketer’s toolkit. Everyone’s using it.  But what happens when someone scrolls down the page away from your video?  They’ll miss all that great content that took you ages to make.

But what if you could keep the video right in front of them even as they move down the page?  Their eye will be drawn to the movement giving you more of an opportunity to get your marketing message across.  Using this tool has shown as much as an extra 28% conversion in sales when split tested.

Surely you need high-level programming skills to accomplish this?  Not with GlooView



What are you most drawn to on a page?  That’s right – movement!

Maybe you’ve noticed that Facebook have recently put animated GIF buttons both in their comments box and inside Messenger? That’s because they work – their users can’t get enough of them.

How can you easily make these eye-catching GIFs though?  And what if you wanted to make an animation from sections of a video?  This is a really cool feature not commonly found in GIF animators but it’s par for the course in Grafinator

Just click on any of the buttons above for more information on how YOU can start using these amazing promotional tools to get a head start on the competition and drive your own business forward