Harnessing the Power of a 70 Billion Dollar a Year Industry

That’s $70,000,000,000!

That’s more than movie tickets, music and the adult film industry – COMBINED!

(Stats are for North America alone – you can imagine the global total!)

What Does Every Mini Mart Know That You Don’t?

Well they know that if they put a highly addictive, engaging product right at the point-of-sale, people are going to buy them!

Nearly everyone has bought one at some point or other.  Their use spans all incomes, ages and demographics.

ScratchKing not only brings this paper and ink concept into the online world, it also propels it to another level…


…With the Addition of Some Fantastic, Innovative Features!

The Old Ways Don’t Work Any More!

Nowadays some 90% of traditional online marketing methods end in disappointment and you being “out of pocket“.

People are so used to seeing standard ads appearing on pages they’re browsing that they can easily become “immune” to them.

SEO “experts” charge you a fortune for a Google ranking for a search term nobody’s actually searching for…

In today’s competitive marketplace you need a better way to get your business and brand out there…

What if you too…
Could instantly promote YOUR business to a hungry crowd of hot local prospects?
Automatically got these prospects to get you even more leads without you having to do anything?
Started putting this amazing new system to work for you right now – TODAY?

ScratchKing Taps into a Basic Human Instinct – Everyone Wants to be a Winner!

So, if you want to…
Implement a proven system used daily by millions of people worldwide
Gain a unique advantage that your competitors don’t know about
Give your prospects no choice but to promote your business for you
Easily turn prospects into buyers
Quickly find out what they want so you can give it to them…
Then you need ScratchKing!

It’s Time to Stand Out from the Crowd!

And start using a cost-effective promotional tool that more than pays for itself in a single use.

Having a fun, free to use game on YOUR website will massively increase your customer engagement.

Your customers are already playing games every day – on their computers, on their tablets, on their mobiles, on their way to work, on their lunch break, on their downtime.

And ScratchKing looks and feels just like a real scratchcard game.

People will scratch the card right there on their screen to see if they’ve won a prize, a coupon, a promotion, a free consultation or anything else you’re offering.

The card will then take them to any page you want where you can give them their prize and present them with any other offers.


Set a total number of cards and a certain number of winners. Are you giving away a weekend for two, a free month’s membership, a product pack, etc.?


Get the word out about a new product line or advertise your existing services – give a 20% discount with each card or 30% if they share the card with their friends.


Offer up to 3 different outcomes to keep your prospects interested – a free product, a discount coupon, a “two for the price of one” deal, etc.

When using this promotional method in the offline world, your players would get one chance to win then the card would go in the bin and the marketing message fizzle out. With our secret twist players are practically forced into sharing their cards with their friends across social media and by email.  This can send a marketing campaign viral.

And how could you do this?

Simple –  offer an extra incentive: this could be extra entries, a better prize or offer, an additional discount, etc.  The limit here is your imagination!

Just imagine having hundreds, if not thousands, of these new prospects talking about and engaging with your brand every single day and creating a buzz of excitement around your latest promotions.

But That’s Not All!

ScratchKing has a unique Jewel in its Crown…


And that’s the ability to use video as well as still images with your cards!

That’s right – your own video marketing message can explain the benefits of your offer to your prospects right there and then!

More importantly, it can tell them why it’d be a great idea to share your offer with their friends and contacts – the ultimate “what’s in it for me“!

The possibilities to be creative are endless.  You can easily make your own video – all you need these days is a smartphone.  You can film yourself on your premises or against a “green screen” – you can get these for next to nothing.  You can then effectively appear anywhere – at the top of a mountain, on a beach in Hawaii, even in front of the Great Pyramids if you like!

Or you can use one of our animated characters with your own voiceover.  Put them on any background or no background – it’s entirely up to you!

Prices from…

£197 for a single campaign using still images


You can also license our software for installation on your own system so you can do unlimited campaigns whenever you want.  Full training is provided.

One-off cost – £1,997

For more information or to discuss your requirements please give us a call on +44 (0) 131 235 2401 or email

Seeing is Believing!

For a demonstration of each card type please click on the appropriate image below…

Still Image